One Day Private Group: $450 for one person (+$300 per additional guest)

Two Day Private Group: $900 for one person (+$600 per additional guest)



Longs Peak 1 Day Ext:


Wake up before dawn to meet your guide at the base of Longs Peak.   It will be a big day on the mountain.  Begin the hike with your guide through mountain forest with a headlamp shining bright.  Under the night sky you are already beginning to gain altitude.  The sun rises as you hit tree line.  The light at dawn is nothing short of magical.  As you continue to hike 5 miles up switch backs and across mountain creeks you reach the Boulder Fields.  The last mile and a half is where the excitement really begins.  Here you scramble across rock, along wide ledges and up to the top of this 14 thousand foot mountain.  From the top you realize the incredible achievement.  After hiking back down your guide will drive you back to town and say farewell.  You will never forget your summit attempt of Longs Peak.  Give us a call at (303) 731-6160 to learn more.

Longs Peak in 2 days:


Day 1:  Meet your Longs Peak guide in the afternoon of day one.  We will help pack your overnight pack and head out.  We soon reach an entirely different ecosystem called alpine tundra.  The plants are miniature, the ground alive with amazing color and the air pure.  Marmots are sure to visit as we hop from rock to rock across meandering streams that flow between boulders. After arriving at our designated camp site, your guide will set up camp and begin dinner while you take in the splendor of the Colorado alpine.  After food and drink, your guide will encourage you to fall a sleep early in preparation for the next day.

Day 2: We leave our camp gear behind and begin a summit attempt traveling light and fast.  As we cross to the North side of the mountain the alpine setting is instantly revealed and the magnificence and grandeur of the Rockies sinks in deep.   After a few hours of non technical climbing, if the mountain allows, we will reach the summit and enjoy a magnificent 360 degree view. We will be higher than the eye can see in all directions.  This is an incredible place on earth.  After a morning summit, we spend the day hiking back down through the transition from high alpine tundra to mountain forest. If you are staying in Boulder or Denver you will have the opportunity to cross into yet another ecosystem on the  drive back into the Great American Plains.

The 2 day Longs Peak guided trip is great option but spaces are limited.  Reserve Now.


  • 1 Day Ext: 3am-5pm

  • 2 Days: Meet guide PM day 1, 3am to safe return day 2

  • 1 Day Ext: Guide and lunch

  • 2 Days: Guide, Camp Gear, Camping Fees/Reservation Dinner, Breakfast & Lunch

  • Where: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

  • When: July 1st – October 1st

  • 1 Day Ext: High Endurance Required.  No technical climbing

  • 2 Day: Medium Endurance Required.  No technical climbing.

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