Multi-Pitch Climb

We will find the best climb for your ability.

Private Groups $300 for one person  (+$100 per additional guest)


We start early with the route in mind.  We are geared up and prepped for a big day on the rock.  This is multi-pitch rock climbing.  When we arrive at the rock we will refresh skills and multi-pitch communication.  When everything is ready to go, the guide will begin climbing the rock, placing anchors on the way.  Next, you and your team will follow.  This process repeats itself as you climb higher and higher.  By the end you will reach an amazing summit, an experience that few in this world will ever have.


  • Duration: 7+ hours

  • Times: Call for details

  • Includes: Guide and Gear

  • Locations: Golden, Boulder Colorado

  • Availability: Year round

  • Prereqs: intermediate and advanced climbers only

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