As the seasons are changing it seems like a great time to revaluate personal goals for Climbing, Nutrition, and Overall Fitness. By creating SMART goals I am able to set goals that are not overwhelming, fluid with my life, and achievable.

Specific: Our Goals should clear and specific, in order to focus on what you truly want to accomplish. They should be simple and sensible. Ask yourself these questions; What do I want to accomplish? Why is this goal important? Who is involved? Where is it located? Are their resources or limits involved?

Measurable: When you have measurable goals, you are better able to track your progress and stay motivated. Reaching set deadlines will keep you motivated to push towards your final goal and make it more meaningful. Ask yourself these questions; How much? How many? How will I know when it is accomplished?

Achievable: Goals need to be realistic and attainable, they should push your physical, emotional, and professional limits while still remaining possible. Ask yourself these questions; How can I accomplish this goal? How realistic is this goal, based on physical, financial, emotional constraints?

Relevant: Is your goal important to you? and does it align and complement other goals that you have currently set? Your goal should be reasonable, realistic, and results-bases. Ask yourself these questions; Does this seam worth while? Is this the right time? Does this match my other efforts and needs?

Timely: Every goal needs a target date to give you something to focus on strive towards. Some goals may require smaller several short term goals. For example if my goal is to lead a 5.11 sport route, I need to set shorter goals of: Top roping X amount of 5.11 sport routes and leading X amount of 5.10 sport routes to better train. Ask your self these questions: When? What can I do 6 months from now? What can I do 6 weeks from now? What can I do TODAY?

If you find yourself setting the same goals year after year and see little growth in your skill sets then think about setting SMART Goals, so that you can better document and have a more clear view of what it is you want to accomplish.

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