Rock Climbing Advanced: Anchor Building



This course is offered in a full or 1/2 day plat-form to customize your needs to be a safe climber. Skills covered will depend your interest, previous experience and time allotted.  Topics Include Natural, Traditional and Sport anchoring systems, industrial top rope anchoring, natural hazards and top rope location placement. 

This top rope anchor building course is great for people that would like to climb in the safest possible way outdoors.  Good for parents, teachers and folks with a low risk tolerance (aka common sense.) When setting up a top rope you walk around to the top of the climb and build the anchor from above.  After the anchor is built you can throw the rope and have a top rope set for climbing.  You then rappel or walk back to the base to enjoy the climb.  At no point is anyone climbing above the anchor, dramatically reducing the risk by eliminating the potential for a lead fall.

This course focuses on the use of a static line attached to natural anchors such as trees and boulders.  We call the method taught, the industrial top rope anchor.  It is the preferred method of anchor building for guides throughout the country.  This technique is reliable, safe, simple and requires limited gear.  As a result of greater safety, reduced user error and the lower equipment expense it is great for people as they begin to climb on their own.


  • Duration: 3 Hours

  • Times: Call for details

  • Includes: Guide, Gear, and Course Curriculum

  • Age: 16 year or older

  • Locations: Golden, Boulder, Evergreen Colorado

  • Availability: Year round

  • Pre-reqs: Rock Climbing Basics or equivalent

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